The 1st International Nursing Conference “Complementary Nursing Issues And Updates in 2015” Stikes Hang Tuah Surabaya

On behalf of the commite it is very special honour to be your host in the first International nursing conference, which proides especially to student with an opportunity to share their ideas througt their selected paper on the theme “ Complementary Nursing Issues and Updates in 2015 The Conference brings together academicians, practitioners, researcher as much as 200 participants from different provinces in Indonesia and different countries such as Malaysia, Japan and Republic of Tiongkok. So by gathering and interacting each of attendes here, I do believe that the fruit of this conference will contribute surely to nursing. Finally, I congratulate those whose selected papers are included in the International proceeding, and I also would like to thank to the attendance keynote spaker, expertise, the committee and to all the participants.

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