The 2nd International Nursing Conference Developing Cross–Cultural Understanding and Behavior in Nursing Care Services” Stikes Hang Tuah Surabaya

Assalamu’alaikum wr. Wb
Honorable guest
1. Coordinator Kopertis VII East Java
2. Head of RUMKITAL DR. Ramelan Surabaya
3. Head of STIKES Hang Tuah Surabaya
4. Head assistant 1, 2, 3 of STIKES Hang Tuah Surabaya
5. Distinguished speakers
6. Colleges Nursing of STIKES Hang Tuah Surabaya
7. Distinguished participants
First, I would like to praises and thanks to God for the blessing so STIKES Hang Tuah
Surabaya can organized The 2
nd International Nursing Conference by theme “Developing
Cross Cultural Understanding and Behavior in Nursing Care Services”. Welcome to Surabaya.
The conference brings together academicians, practitioners, researcher as much as
200 participants, from east to west of different provinces in Indonesia, and many different
countries. So by gathering and interacting each of attendees here can tighten our bond as
academician, practitioner, and professional in order to increase the spirit of research and study.
Ladies and gentleman, i would like to thank Flinders University Australia, Dr. Leasly
from UK, UNIMAS Malaysia, International Hospital Indonesia, that support us with expert
speakers. I would also like to express my gratitude to BTN, BNI, BNI Life, Wolters Kluwer,
Lippincott William and Wilkins, Wardah Cosmetic, Erha Clinic, Sophie Martine, EGC,
CV. Rukun Putra, Kalbe Nutritional for sponsorships. Many thanks also go to our colleges,
especially team of Second International Nursing Conference.
Finally, i hope you will enjoy your stay, and the conference will be special moment to
gets a new knowledge, new friends and new experiences too.

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